Why you should play Draenei Shaman before TBC Classic is releas

  • In the last few weeks of May, many players are preparing for walking through the Dark Portal, because WoW TBC CLassic will be officially released on June 1. Blizzard launched the TBC pre-patch for World of Warcraft Classic on May 18, allowing players to choose between two game versions. Although most players choose to transfer WoW Classic's level 60 characters directly to TBC Classic realms, some players choose to start over. Therefore, it is very important to increase the level of the character as soon as possible within a limited time. And now is the best time to buy cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS!

    The addition of these two races, Blood Elves and the Draenei, makes players excited. Compared with their cities and lore make, what is more interesting is that these two races will be able to break through the restrictions of factions and become Paladin and Shaman. There is no doubt that both will be welcomed by the dungeon team, because these two classes have an irreplaceable role in the battle. The Dark Portal Pass sold by Blizzard cannot be applied to new races, which means that Horde Paladins and Alliance Shamans will be severely lacking when Dark Portal is opened.

    The paladins in TBC Classic can produce very good results in a 5-player team, many groups running Heroic Dungeons will look for one as their tank. Blood elves paladins have always been very popular in World of Warcraft, but only a few players These new races can be leveled up to 60 before June 1, so Horde guilds on some servers still need to find other alternative classes. Generally speaking, tanks need a lot of support from the defensive gear, otherwise they cannot withstand the powerful attack of the boss. Many players who are ready to show their talents in TBC Classic choose to Buy TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS, and then buy the items they need in the auction house.

    Compared with blood elves, Draenei's popularity in the game is very ordinary, which means that fewer players will use this tier to pass the Dark Portal. But I highly recommend Alliance players to create a Draenei Shaman and level up to max as soon as possible, in order to occupy an indispensable position in the raids. Sharmans are almost irreplaceable in World of Warcraft Classic. They have powerful totems, great healing, and much improved DPS. These abilities can provide effective help for various PvE content. In addition, the starting zones of Blood Elf and Draenei has beautiful scenery, and players should experience their story.