The two best Bundesliga left-back options in FIFA 23

  • Matthjis de Ligt has also made the Team of the Week lineup FUT 23 Coins. This means his OTW has received a double upgrade!His Ones to Watch item will receive an upgrade for his inform as well as an upgrade for his Wins to Watch requirement!You can also check out last week rsquos TOTW 5 squad!FIFA 23 Rulebreakers David Raum SBC - Cheapest Cost & Solution David Raum has received a Rulebreakers card in FIFA 23 via an SBC!

    Alphonso Davies and David Raum rsquos regular rare gold card are currently the two best Bundesliga left-back options in FIFA 23. So an upgraded version of one of the leagues best players is sure to be sought after!Here is the cheapest way to complete Rulebreakers Raum in FIFA 23!

    To complete Rulebreakers David Raum, you will need some high rated players with the SBC costing you around 35,000 coins!Of course, if you already have untradeables in your club, it will work out cheaper!Here are the minimum ratings required to complete the Rulebreakers Raum, along with guides to the cheapest players!

    84 Rated Players ndash 6Cheapest 84 Rated Players in FIFA 2385 Rated Players ndash 1 Cheapest 85 Rated Players in FIFA 23From here you will just need to fill out the remaining spots with 83 rated players!There is no chemistry requirement so you will be able to place these players in any position!Unfortunately, David Raum is not able to become lengthy.

    Although, if you like your full-backs to be quicker off the mark, you can apply an artist or a finisher chemistry style to change Raum rsquos acceleRATE to Explosive!Is The Rulebreakers David Raum SBC Worth the Cost buy FIFA 23 Coins? Yes. David Raum is definitely worth completing as at 35,000 coins you will be receiving one of the best left-backs in the Bundesliga!