Kyler Murray was named as one of the Madden NFL 23

  • The week before, Kyler Murray was named as one of the Madden NFL 23's highest paid quarterbacks after signing a five year, $230 million contract. This was a show of confidence and a statement of faith Madden 23 Coins, proof positive it was the Cardinals believed that Kyler Murray was going to lead their franchise into the future. After a few days the whole thing is goneit was replaced by a worrying and frankly offensive note to the deal.

    "Independent Study Adendum," also known as the "Independent Studies Addendum" came from Ian Rapoport of the Madden NFL 23 Network, and it ostensibly says that the quarterback must be prepared during the entire season, or else the team has the option to place the contract in a default state which Murray would need to rectify or else the contract would be declared null and void.

    "Player shall complete at least an average of (4) hours of independent Study (as as defined in the following) every week (excluding any bye week) during the entire Playing Season (as described below) for the duration in the Contact."

    It also outlines what this means, adding that Murray cannot multitask during the time he is required to study. No television, no video games nor web surfing during these four hours. If this sounds odd Buy Mut 23 Coins, it's because it is. This kind of study clause has never been in an Madden NFL 23 agreement before, and while on the surface it might appear to be a huge deal -- already we're seeing the effects of the decision.