It's a lot of money to invest in Diablo Immortal

  • The list goes on. When you see players bombarding the game's chatroom looking to only form groups with other pay-to-win "whales" (a word used to describe players who are spending huge amounts of money playing an online game that is free to play D2R ladder items, compared to the typical player) It's a real issue.

    There's plenty of money to be made from the mobile game market with no cost to play that's for sure, and that Blizzard's plan is effective. Diablo Immortal reportedly made upwards of $24 million in the first two weeks of its release, which is despite the game being banned in two European countries , and then delayed for a while within China (the game will release in various Asian markets July 7).

    It seems that people are more than willing to shell out thousands of dollars to play Diablo Immortal, even if it's just to demonstrate how ridiculous of an idea. One streamer who is a big hit spent an equivalent amount of $16. 000 US dollars to acquire only one of Diablo's coveted 5-Star Legendary Gems, only to immediately dismantle it and delete his account and then uninstall the game out of protest.

    It's a lot of money to invest in Diablo Immortal just to make a point (as more than a few streamers are doing) could be considered a little snarky but it's not changing the fact that a lot of these streamers have a lot of money to waste. They can throw thousands of dollars at a game like Diablo Immortal in order to catch the attention of fans and then uninstall their character when they are bored.

    The reality is the majority of players could spend a few dollars in Diablo Immortal to play for some time and go on with their lives. But for a minority of gamers with addiction and gambling issues who buy d2r items fall in the mafiasm systems and microtransactions similar to those in Diablo Immortal such a kind of luxury isn't there.