Brees and the rest of the offensive are embarrassing some Madde

  • Yes they are, the Packers are currently at the top spot (even when I think they're likely to cause an upset this weekend) This is where they've been for the entire year. Green Bay hasn't had a playoff game yet Mut Coins Madden 23, however they're home-field advantage throughout the season and have demonstrated in 16 games that they are the best squad in league. Yes, the Packers have their flaws, and as they say "any Sunday" however, Green Bay merits the top place until someone proves they're superior. In the moment, the only team with an argument over that of the Packers could be the.

    Drew Brees and Co. are playing at a higher level. They've never lost since October. They've scored 42 or higher points in the last four games. Brees and the rest of the offensive are embarrassing some Madden NFL 23 record-setting performances this year. In short, the Saints are playing well enough to compete with anyone in the current situation.

    New Orleans was beaten in their head-to-head matchup with their rivals the Packers in the opening week of the season . Therefore, they don't have the argument that they're better , however they could be in a position to face the Packers once more, which, if the scenario is true, will take place on the road in Green Bay in a couple weeks. It will be the final decision, one and all what the NFC belongs to the Saints or Packers.

    Ravens are the No. 2 seed in AFC. Ravens are the No. second seed in the AFC and I've put them in the same league as the Patriots which are the No. 1 seed. I believe that Baltimore is more of a complete team and built for January football better then New England is.

    We've seen a lot more from the Ravens this season and they've beaten six playoff teams this year and hail from what is arguably the most successful division in football -- in comparison to the Patriots which didn't beat teams that had an impressive record. The last time we played, they were 9-7. Ravens team beat team Patriots at the end of the Wild Card game Cheap Madden nfl 23 Coins. If they play again I'm convinced that Baltimore has the edge.