The game Diablo Immortal will no longer launch until 2023

  • "However these adjustments and new opportunities to improve our game experience won't be completed in the 2021 timeframe we previously announced D2R ladder items," Blizzard says. "So the game is now scheduled for release in the first half of 2022. this will allow us to incorporate significant improvements to the overall game."

    Blizzard is then able to explain some of the changes being made in the next game. In relation to PvE. Diablo Immortal will get new raids that can accommodate eight players, also adjusting the game's current Bounty system and making Challenge Rifts more rewarding.

    In the realm of PvP, Blizzard will be tweaking certain aspects of the game's Battlegrounds system as along with the faction-based Cycle of Strife. Changes to the overall game's progression systems, like The Paragon system, and the weekly cap on XP are also in the pipeline.

    The game Diablo Immortal will no longer launch until 2023. The Remastered Diablo 2: Resurrected is still scheduled for release this September 23rd for computers and consoles. Diablo 4 remains in development and currently does not have any release dates.

    Diablo Immortal's delay is amidst Blizzard trying to resolve the fallout from the lawsuit filed by a state of California lawsuit that alleges Activision Blizzard fosters a culture where harassment and discrimination based on gender are widespread. To respond to Activision Blizzard statements that CEO Bobby Kotick later said were "tone deaf,""

    A large number of former and current Blizzard employees have signed an open letter calling for change cheap d2r items. They even went as to stage a walkout. In light of the allegations in the lawsuit, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack announced that he will be leaving the company.