Diablo Immortal is filled with various items that can enhance

  • Beta registrations to Diablo IV recently went live although signing up doesn't appear to ensure a possibility of being a part of the beta until it's released. The start date of the beta is listed D2R ladder items, and the game's new beta sign-up page shows Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5. and PC as possible platforms, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 absent despite having been announced for last-gen platforms.

    Diablo Immortal is filled with various items that can enhance your character's strength However, none are as important as Legendary Gems. You can have six of them at a time, each in a primary gear slot, and they provide huge stats boosts and unique effects that could define your character's build.

    The problem is that not every Legendary Gems are created equal. Some are more scarce and strong than others, which makes figuring out which are the most powerful gems somewhat confusing. This is what you should learn about how to get these important items, and how to make them even more powerful in Blizzard's mobile first RPG.

    Legendary Gems are available in a few different varieties such as 1-Star, two-Star and 5-Star. As you'd expect, 5-Star gems are far superior to 2-Star and 1-Star Legendary Gems. However, they are also more scarce and difficult to come across.

    How do you actually acquire these gems? They are primarily found through the completion of Elder Rifts in conjunction with Rare or Legendary Crests. These are consumable items which can be purchased through the battle pass or other shop bundles. A Rare Crest gives you a chance of obtaining a 12-Star Legendary Gem when you complete your Elder Rift, while using a Legendary Crest assures you that a Legendary Gem will drop with a chance of obtaining a five-star Legendary Gem Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items. The more crests you put into your Elder Rift, the more gems you will receive at the end of the game as the reward.