It's hilarious that Madden NFL 23 is so focused on PR

  • It's hilarious that Madden NFL 23 is so focused on PR over everything else that when they relented and actually changed Mut 23 Coins the lowering-the helmet rule back to what it was prior to however they insisted the press release they issued that they didn't change the rule.

    Madden NFL 23 says that pass rushers must defy the law of physics or else face a penalty, which is absurd.

    In the event that Madden NFL 23 could have done any of the above that it did, the Madden NFL 23 could be averted this mess by either not changing the rules at all, or by doing it in a manner that actually adhered to the physical laws. That would have meant them actually caring whether or not they did the right answer the first time around. I'm finding it difficult to believe they actually do at this stage.

    I wouldn't be shocked even if they pretend that the changes aren't really changes and again.

    Now, I can see why people don't understand why the rule change is so important because they've never been an individual before.

    Since I've made it happen a time or two in the Madden NFL 23. I would like to attempt to explain how the rule change seemed so absurd. 

    If a man who is my size or larger takes two steps away from you in full force and you are unable or unwilling to resist What can you do to stop him from falling over of you?

    This is a completely different situation than tackling a quarterback who is rushing and may prepare for the hit or even give one to himself. Have you ever pushed on the door and thought it was heavier than it really was? That's exactly how it feels when you get an excellent hit on the quarterback while he's at the point of attack. When you're exploding into the air Madden 23 Coins Buy, there's nothing to stop you from accelerating until you crash into them. Therefore, unless a coach or astrologer has come up with an approach that allows players to fly in mid-air the rule change is a complete nonsense.