The majority of new game features that are included in FIFA 23

  • The majority of new game features that are included in FIFA 23 are all derived from one thing: HyperMotion 2. HyperMotion is what which the game is built upon, but it's not to confuse with its engine. Through 11-on-11 motion recording using Xsens costumes FUT 23 Coins, EA was able to capture realistic motions and integrate the captured animations into a system using Machine Learning, which is meant to create animations on the instantaneously and produce "true-to-life" recreations. In the context of FIFA 23, here's what's new with HyperMotion 2 and what it can do to compete.

    In today's deep dive, I'll be examining the new gameplay features that are available with FIFA 23 to give my impressions of the features that are affecting the game, what kind of effect (negative and positive) they've had as well as if there's room for improvement. For the list of new features, we'll look up EA's FIFA 23 website. For scoring FIFA 23, we'll use a simple 1-5-2 ranking, with 5 being "great feature" with 1 being "why did EA even bother adding this feature?" If you want to read my full review of FIFA 23 and its features, you can navigate here.

    The first item on the agenda today is the much-anticipated brand new Power Shot. This brand new shot type relies heavily on your skill and includes an opportunity for risk and reward that lets users unleash powerful strikes at the opponent's goal.How you can perform power shots: LB/L1 plus + Shoot while manually aiming

    When to utilize Power Shots due to the fact that the motion takes quite a lot of time to develop and the fact that they are expensive, they should only be used when you have the time and space to carry out the task. In general, any power shot that is attempted within the 18-yard limit is blocked if its direction is unclear as the trajectory typically is more flat when compared to the finesse shots.

    Kudos for EA for giving us an exciting new shooting feature, especially one that incorporates manual aiming buy FIFA 23 Coins. Also, you can switch off the irritating zoom-in, which is activated when the power shot is activated. Overall, it's an excellent addition to shooting.