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  • Lost Ark, the South Korean MMOARPG, has proven to be a huge success since its introduction in the west in February Lost Ark Gold. The majority of its success is result of its accessibility for free play that in turn requires the right balance of the monetization of content and. Since Lost Ark has been available for a while, Amazon appears ready to expand on this monetization mix. In the Lost Ark April Update it's introducing what's called"the Ark Pass.

    Battle passes should be more than commonplace to gamers on the internet today. They've been one of the main strategies for making money in free-to play games. They're popular in part because they reward players for playing the game. It's the same with Lost Ark. Lost Ark Ark Pass is the same. It'll include 30 levels that players can progress through by completing missions. Each level you earn will come with a reward, and additional rewards will be offered when purchasing an upgrade version.

    The Ark Pass will come with two premium levels, but is otherwise available for free to all players. The Premium Pass is priced at 1.500 Royal Crystals will also give players additional rewards in addition to the normal rewards of each level. Example rewards include honing material gems, selection chests, rapport chests, as well as a VertusPet. Its Super Premium Pass costs 3.000 Royal Crystals, and comes with the set of Noble Banquet skins, as along with some legendary rapport chests for players to get.

    Lost Ark players can begin taking steps towards the Ark Pass starting today with the arrival of April's Update. The Super Premium and Premium Passes will be available on the in-game store from today, and will be available for purchase later. The premium pass options are available for purchase until June 18. however progress will be earned through July 14.

    There are definitely some worries about Lost Ark players regarding the new Ark Pass. The addition of a new commercialization on Lost Ark deserves to be scrutinized by players who are assessing whether the new monetization will change their experience in the game for the worst cheap Lost Ark Gold. In this instance, providing free rewards for playing the game can help to ease the pain.