Lost Ark: rundown of servers and seasons of resets for every ar

  • We recommend using Specialization and Swiftness for efficiency reasons Lost Ark Gold. The Specialization option should be the main concern, with Swiftness as the secondary option. Ideally you should aim for a 70:30 ratio between Swiftness and Specialization will be ideal for an Pinnacle build.

    Control build

    The Control build basically disables the Focus stance in exchange for the increased damage from Flurry to 36 percent when at maximum level for all Flurry skills. The Control build Glaivier involves dealing a massive amount of damage and using the bonus 36 percent damage to all Flurry skills. Due to this, the Control build Glaivier is usually able to respond to threats faster than the Pinnacle build Glaivier which makes it easier to anticipate counters. For the best results, it is still advised to be positioned behind the enemy in order to make the most damage.

    A bit different from the Pinnacle build Glaivier A Control build Glaivier's preferred stats would be Swiftness and Crit, which will ensure maximum effectiveness. Of these Swiftness is the main focus, while Crit can be used as a secondary focus stat. In addition, in contrast to the Pinnacle build, the ratio on Swiftness and Crit should be a good 80/20 for a good Control build.

    How to unlock the Super Express Missions of Lost Ark

    The latest major update in April added a wealth of fresh information to Lost Ark following its Western release. Players can explore a new continent, the brand new subclass Glaivier and more.

    However, the game's creator isn't just making new features to keep the game up-to-date. One of its main priorities is horizontal progress, according to the game's plan of action. The process of getting to max level gear is incredibly slow, which is why players have been requesting ways to accelerate the process for quite some time cheap Lost Ark Gold. To accomplish this, the game's creator has promised to release more events giving upgrades in exchange for rewards. Super Express Missions is one of them.