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  • The Penthouse in 2K Games' latest basketball game lets you unlock the Zipline after NBA 2K22 players are able to achieve the objective, The Room with a View NBA 2K22 MT Coins, which is triggered by a cutscene that the basketball player takes control of the room. NBA 2K22 fans will be required to pick.

    Which of the four Affiliation zones do they want to go to before jumping onto the Zipline while riding down will allow players to show off their skills using a variety of animations. One of these animations was showcased during the NBA 2K22 clip as the star player swung their legs through the air as they sailed downward.

    During the Free Play Days, all online and offline modes are available in NBA 2K22 and NASCAR 21: Ignition but there is no DLC. With NBA 2K22 this includes the MyCareer campaign mode along with the MyTeam collection mode for cards.

    MyNBA giving players the chance to lead their own team, as well as online modes to play with your friends. To play NASCAR 21: Ignition this is the Career mode as well as Online Multiplayer modes including it's Race Now mode that lets players play a race anywhere they'd like. It's also possible to unlock achievements.

    Any progress made over that weekend's play will transfer to the ultimate version the game at the time you make a purchase. Both games are on sale throughout this Free Play period. For NBA 2K22 the standard edition is currently 67 percent off Buy NBA 2K Coins. The game is available on Xbox One this has discounted the game to $19.79 while Xbox Series X|S players will pay $23.09.