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  • These are the rocks needed to craft runes from them. The rocks are mined once you've completed this Rune Mysteries quest or bought at the Grand Exchange RuneScape Gold. Rune Essence and Pure Essence used to make certain altars while having corresponding Talisman or Tiara of this element within your the inventory may transform them into Runes.

    This is necessary for all RuneCrafters since this skill revolves principally around moving from location to place. Graceful equipment boosts your energy by a significant amount, making you more light. If you're trying to reach higher RuneCrafting levels more effectively, this weight-reducing set will grant you better gold and experience rates since you'll be able run longer and replenish energy more efficiently when you wear it.

    The set is composed of six pieces : hood, gloves cape, boots legs, and armor. In our guide to runecrafting, you will find methods that require an 73 Abilities (Blood Runes at 77+ RC) so you might have to learn that skill first. At the point you reach to 73 Agility you should already have full Graceful.

    Another option to boost your performance is to drink a dose of stamina potions. By doing this you gain an amazing boost to stamina which lasts around two minutes. Like we said earlier, RuneCrafting is mainly running so having those at all times will help greatly. The cost of the potions is inexpensive and any additional power from your stash is certainly worth it. Because Runecrafting is primarily taught through running, your stamina wear rate will be very high. It is recommended that you purchase stamina potions before running RC.

    These are used to store runes and act as additional inventory slots so that you can carry more RS Gold 2007. They can be obtained through the killing of Abyssal Monsters. To get there you need to complete the simple mini-quests like 'Enter the Abyss'.