A Jagex employee stated that Runescape was as as strong than it

  • Varrock was the next. These weird names weirded you, but you didn't forget them. Varrock was a typical market, and the central hub of shops. There were a lot of people performing strange activities in the middle of the circle around the waterfall RS 2007 Gold, with the Romeo-and-Juliet quest-guy constantly wandering about among the crowds. People advertise their clans through selling or buying certain items and dropping other things.

    These were called "drop events" and you'd go to these whenever you could in order to possibly obtain that rune armour you had been told about from numerous people. Once you made your first 1000gp/1k, you'd be the happiest person alive but you'd lose it quickly somehow. Most likely, it was through offering your first attempt at merchanting.

    Varrock was always a safe place to return to when you got lost, if you wanted Falador to go for a walk, or if you wanted to play PvP in "wildy". Varrock's two banks were always populated and had members who purchased and sold goods. That's how the economy of Runescape was before the Grand Exchange. You'd be drawn to the colors of various armors, weapons, and caps and like to know how you could obtain similar items.

    In a shorter time than you expected, you discovered that becoming a member offers more benefits than playing f2p. Although your parents may not have allowed you to pay between $10 and $20 per month for a membership, that didn't mean that you could not take advantage of free To Play. While you would want to go back to Lumbridge for training at a level 3 player Cheap OSRS Gold, you'll not have the knowledge to make that happen.