To start your sea adventure you must visit any Runescape port

  • The majority of debate here, as well as nearly everywhere else, has been on the negative aspects that were introduced to the game RS Gold. EOC as well as the Squeal of Fortune are being destroyed every single day. Instead of focussing on the negatives, I suggested we make an issue to talk about the right thing to do.

    Here are the latest changes that I like... Music The music is among my personal favorites. It improves the experience overall. It is also heard today. Graphics - While I like older graphics, I prefer more modern graphics to be more appealing. While they're not brand fresh I thought I'd post these graphics since they're constantly being upgraded. The older EOC armor designs are what I'm missing.

    Bossing - Bossing is better now. The Kalphite Queen, KBD and the Kalphite King were all for long-time boss. They were regular. The bosses are now more frequent and provide new perspectives. The Quest storylines are definitely better..

    Things have changed since RS3. The most interesting story prior to RS3 was the Mahjarrat story, which didn't go in a satisfactory way. There are plenty of stories to follow in the present Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. I am looking forward to each new quest release because of the tales.