Create an offense that is off makes NBA 2K21 better

  • Once I go for a steal, stop letting the ball go through my body. When I poke the ball out of a person's hands stop placing me in that animation where both or our gamers are dancing, trying to scramble to get the ball NBA 2K MT, I poked it out, of course it is more probable that I'm likely to react first. I'm only praying 21 is great, 4 crap 2K's in a row could be a fairly lousy look. If the devs don't enhance NBA 2K21 for us, then hopefully they do it to get Kobe (R.I.P.). Idk about y’all, but it'd be quite depressing if we remembered a NBA 2K21 match with Kobe as the cover athlete as being trash.

    I really don't know how people do concur with you. This game is indeed trash there is no skill level this year. I'm tired of seeing builds that have no business shooting going 4/4 from the three and before people start saying I am crap I've a 80 win percentage and it's only that low now since I play randoms when I am really bored. People today will need to stop justifying it! A 70 3 should be like Westbrook emphasise you will strike on a 3 and there but that shouldn't be your move to for offense. I am hoping 2K does a better job with the builds because I'm tired of seeing things such as this and please stop bailing people out when I play great D only the other day this dude really hit a 100% Nominal 3 in my head like what is that! This game is crap but just like every year they got me since there isn't any other basketball games.

    I love this. Everybody's entitled to their opinion ig. This shooting large man thing. It has gotta go. There's not any way a center should be shooting consistently. No way. The entire bail out thing happens so often, to the point where it's become normal, and there's no way to warrant this. And also a 80 win% is not low I got 70%. But there is men like brook Lopez and precious men like Ryan Anderson who just see over everyone.

    Like with fucking lol why complicate the machine. Construct a participant. I'm perfectly happy not completing dumb flashy dunks when it means others don't either.Obviously there will be balance issues in the event that you can pull up to playground with a KD or even Giannis construct, but I see what you mean and totally agree. It's up to 2K to find a middle ground between allowing us to create versatile builds similar to actual NBA players, like you proposed, and preventing them from becoming too good at everything and being broken Buy MT 2K21. NBA 2K16's construct system was PERFECTION, and the reason why they changed it I have no clue!