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  • I have not really looked much into another madden. I'm wondering if anybody else is thinking about not getting it. I don't need this to be the same game and I expect they added some new Mut 22 coins. Following 5 campaigns of mut and visiting the year to year decrease in gameplay, content and in general incompetence of the programmers/designers/dev group, I will not play a different madden until there's competition from another corporation. Fascinating to see the amount of people here and on twitter that will remark on a ton of Madden articles done with Madden. After you seem and they are currently enjoying the game but still whining.

    Yeah. Only consider it a public service announcement maybe to the newer ppl to Madden. Feel free to check my page if you feel the need. But if ppl do not talk up nothing could ever change. Do not listen to this child.. He literally preordered the mvp edition of madden 22. I still am on here for posts such as these although I quit. I play 19 from time to time but I would rather not play than give ea money for nothing.

    I will not be. After the way they managed Madden 20 all the way throughout (and I won't get into all of the facts ), there were so many problems on the way they managed Madden 20. However, I believe a few of the biggest problems I had with 20 was cartoons. While I've a WR on a streak and that I click on the aggressive grab button but he goes into defensive mode, it's so frustrating. I ended up NHL 19 recently, and that I forgot how a match flows so easily and responds as expected when you click on a button. I can't expect Madden 22 does not have issues much the devs discount the community.

    However, after these 7-10 years of playing with Madden, im done. Football is simply not a fantastic enough motive to balance out the greed, lack of new features, lack of gameplay enhancements, lack of material, and the absence of care this game receives because it has no competitor. Rubs me the wrong way this game makes countless millions yearly and none of the shows, as none of it appears to be set back in the game. I quit this past year, best I felt in a little while. Played games by game founders who care about their base, that felt great too. Not coming back till EA earns my time.

    Madden 22 should be a much better game than 20. The people who go on and on about Madden being precisely the exact same game every year are just being drama queens. If you want to paint with a broad brush yes, Madden is basically the same game. You call also say the NFL is really the exact same every year and there's no purpose and watching it after you have already seen it one year since"it is the same game every year." Madden won't change since football doesn't change much from year to year.

    However there are lots of changes which make getting fresh Maddens a fantastic option. Madden 19 did not have RPOs, several years back they didn't have match coverage. Madden 22 they're refining RPOs, allegedly fixed AI coverage reacting to moves they can't see, improved usering on defense to make it more realistic, fixed the two handed legacy zone chucks on routes, tweaked some abilities which were overpowered, slip screens will be more viable as they've put work to preventing the running back from getting stuck and how obstructing vs speed of the rush work, rather a few other improvements to the passing game, adjusted some run matches for the drive cheap Madden nfl 22 coins (we'll see how this actually goes) and the cutback defender, and also adjusted contain blitzes so they do not get those free shots at the quarterback.