Madden 22 franchise model may bring key model in June

  • EA has been telling its Madden franchise career for most of last year that there will be major improvements in the next iteration of the game. The next version is expected to be launched in August. If history shows any signs, gamers may learn about the franchise model and other details for the first time in June. Veteran and experienced players usually purchase Madden 21 Coins in advance and then purchase the items they want.

    Last year, the cover player of Madden 21 was exposed on June 16, and some other details of the game became the focus later in the month of 2020. EA shared a detailed roadmap aimed at transparently explaining its plan to improve the franchise model, which is seriously behind other sports games. Fans hope to answer some key questions.

    Will the trading logic be improved?
    Madden has the most options when it comes to customization under the franchise model. You cannot create a team in your franchise model, although it is possible to relocate, but there is no expansion. Over the years, Madden's transaction has been a mess. As part of the original franchise improvement plan, EA solved its trade logic problems, but they still haven't reached the level they should be. More work needs to be done to increase the trade value of the picks and so on. This means that players need to get as many MUT Coins as possible in the next period of time.

    Will the franchise be improved?
    This is a big one. In the franchise model, immersion is everything, and EA lacks a notable approach in this category. The performance during the week, during the injury, at halftime, before and after the game was flat, almost non-existent. If EA can find a way to provide attractive and relevant presentations specifically for franchise players, it will leave a deep impression on the community.

    Will we see the coach carousel?
    In the glory years of the series, one of the best things in the franchise model experience is to watch the coaching carousel. Older players become coordinators, head coaches, etc. Hope this idea can be expounded in Madden 22. If you realize the importance of Madden 21 Coins, it is recommended that you visit GameMS immediately and purchase MUT 21 Coins.