Madden 21 Ultimate Legends: Solved the bonus issue

  • This past weekend, many players who completed the settings of Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Token Exchange did not get anything in return. This made some quite frustrated people go online, but EA's Madden NFL Direct team stepped in and investigated the issue. A few days later, they solved the problem and provided the fans with the latest operation information. In addition, anyone affected by this issue may receive MUT Coins.

    In the Ultimate Team mode, there are many different promotions or plans, including challenges and exchange of conditions. Usually, with exchange kits, players need to collect different cards and add them to the deck. After completion, they will receive specific rewards. After setting up the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends token exchange, players need to participate in the game that arrives with the promotion every weekend to get the token. This means that players need to get as many Madden 21 Coins as possible in the next period of time, and more MUT 21 Coins can give them a greater advantage.

    Madden NFL Direct Twitter has made another update on this issue, this time indicating that they have resolved the issue. However, according to their tweets, players need to log in to Ultimate Team in their games and then play in this mode. It can be a solo battle, Head 2 Head or any other game in this mode. Once the player has played the game, it will trigger the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Exchange Set reward.

    At the beginning of the Ultimate Team season, the Legend suit arrived in this mode. These cards have a score of 96 OVR in the professional version. However, The Ultimate Legends makes the situation better, and the player released in this promotion can play up to 99 OVRs. That is the best rating in Madden. In addition to the news introduced above, GameMS is currently holding promotional activities. If you want to get a large amount of Madden 21 Coins in a short period of time, then I highly recommend that you visit their official website immediately and buy Madden 21 Coins.

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