Where to find the blood furnace entrance of WoW: Burning Crusad

  • Since World of Warcraft was released in 2004, it has been 17 years old. During this time, although the world of Azeroth has undergone earth-shaking changes, it has always been a classic MMORPG for many players. WoW regularly adds new content through patches and purchaseable extensions to the base game. Although the new TBC Classic Gold content has brought major changes, players who are eager for the early days of World of Warcraft can relive their precious online experience through World of Warcraft Classic.

    World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic provides new areas and content, recreating the influence of the first WoW expansion. WoW Classic players can now choose from the draenei and blood elves races, obtain various flying mounts, and use the dark portal to the outer realm to enter new areas. Players can also upgrade their characters to level 70. In the center of the Hellfire Peninsula in Outland, players will encounter Hellfire Citadel, which is a new dungeon raid. The Blood Furnace is the second wing of the Hellfire Citadel. If there is no right direction, it will be difficult for players to find it. Fortunately, the entrance to the Blood Forge does not need to be unlocked like other Hellfire Citadel encounters.

    In World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, after the player travels to the Dark Portal of the Cursed Land and is teleported to Outland, there will be seven large interconnected areas for exploration. When players pass through the Dark Portal for the first time, they will Buy TBC Classic Gold spawn in Hellfire Peninsula. Hellfire Peninsula is an area recommended for players level 58 to 63. It is a barren wasteland. Orcs systematically killed draenei in the War of Draenor. After the orcs brought their war to Azeroth, Draenor was fragmented and turned into a turbulent region called Outland. Hellfire Peninsula is one of the only habitable lands in Outland.

    In the center of the Hellfire Peninsula area, players can enter the Hellfire Citadel. In addition, players need to work with their team to solve several encounters and boss battles contained in Hellfire Citadel. The second wing of the fortress contains the entrance to the blood furnace. Players need to travel along the walls of the Hellfire Citadel to enter. The Hellfire Citadel has a wall surrounding the building itself.

    On the map, the entrance to the Blood Furnace is located at the bottom left of the Hellfire Citadel's tower symbol, just above the horizontal wall. If the player starts from the southern wall at the southern end of the city wall and runs along the city wall all the way to the north, there will be two fire pits spraying green flames out of part of the city wall. These green flames mark the entrance to the blood furnace in the Hellfire Citadel. In addition, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic players can now visit MMOWTS to purchase the safest Classic TBC Gold and enjoy the best quality service.