World of Warcraft Classic TBC Class Picking Guide

  • In World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade, players choosing the right class will help them get a better gaming experience from the game. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each class, and evaluating their TBC Classic Gold success in PVE and PVP, we have compiled a WoW Classic TBC Class Picking Guide, hoping to help you.

    Priest demonstrated their healing ability in WoW Classic treatment, and they are still very strong in TBC. Although Priests are not Vanilla's best choice in PVE, they do provide a lot of power in PVP settings, especially in the 3v3 arena. In TBC, the healing priest gains new AOE healing abilities and new powerful sacred gains, as well as powerful discipline throughput. For Shadow Priests, the specification is more consistent, providing unparalleled utility for its DPS slots by returning mana to other people and increasing the spell damage received.

    Rogues will get a mixed experience in TBC, which may lack this experience compared to Vanilla WoW. Rogues in TBC will not be the number one threat in Vanilla that players may remember, but will thrive in the arena environment with their control and explosiveness. However, on Rogues, the unfriendly expansion of melee DPS feels more difficult. The good news is that you can yearn for the legendary Warglaives of Azzinoth, and the lucky few will use it in the PVE and PVP of the final game.

    Horde players can choose Paladins, but Alliance players can choose Shaman. Because Shaman will join Alliance in WoW Classic TBC. Shaman is a very powerful profession in The Burning Crusade. It brings players the most important raid spell in the game-Bloodlust. Moreover, they provide some very competitive treatments, Resto Shaman can be used as raid treatment, and some spells can also keep your tank. Shaman also suspended the caster DPS pack as an element, and provided some new solutions to their mana problems from Vanilla WoW. Finally, Shaman can also hang up with melee DPS in TBC, enhancing the potential to provide huge bursts. All 3 Shaman specializations are excellent in PVP settings, and have strong practicality in purification and totem-most importantly, to be able to Bloodlust in the arena!

    Warlock will be the best on the TBC rankings, although their scores may be slightly lower than some of Vanilla WoW's premier DPS courses. Warlocks will become the premier DPS choice in The Burning Crusade with Hunters, and provide a large number of advanced utilities, such as health stones, exile, portals, soul stones, etc. The raid cannot be given up. Every Warlock specialization provides something in the talent tree-and with the debuff restrictions almost completely removed, Warlock can now DOT as much as it wants. Warlock will use this throughout TBC, pushing pain to count, and then perfecting it with other higher-level specializations.

    Warriors are the best choice for DPS and tanks in WoW Classic. With Lionheart Helm, the game bis project has no scaling issues as early as Phase 1, because they are the best from the start. In TBC, Warriors have been tested by reality, because almost every profession and specialization has caught up with them. Warriors will have the Burning Crusade Classic Gold option of removing debuff restrictions and new physical damage gains to play weapons instead of playing Fury all the time, but you will hardly have the same DPS meter impact as in Vanilla. Ultimately, in most cases, Fury may outperform weapons in DPS. Warriors do have some additional benefits in PVP, including the opportunity to stun when hit by a mace. As a protection, although Warrior is still a very viable option, they are no longer the only tank option, which means that finding your team slot will actually be a challenge, which is different from Vanilla.

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