WOW: Burning Crusade Classic players can experience the magic o

  • If you are a long-term player of World of Warcraft, you should be very aware of the day when the Dark Portal opens. The Burning Crusade expansion was first launched in 2007, and within a few hours before its release, thousands of tribes and alliance characters boarded the Blasted Lands ahead of time in order to enter the gates of Outland.

    On Blizzard's servers, players engaged in fierce duels, chats and vandalism. These servers have been struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing traffic, but because they can appreciate the initial initial expansion of WoW in thousands of other games Experience, so any technical hiccups are only part of it. Now, World of Warcraft Classic's Burning Crusade will be launched on June 1. Although server downtime will Buy TBC Classic Gold be reduced, Blizzard hopes to replicate the same feeling of surprise and chaos and design an unparalleled experience for players.

    Executive producer John Hight stated that they are using all modern server code from World of Warcraft Shadowlands. This can accommodate three or four times the number of players when the original Burning Crusade was released, and it can support thousands of players in the world at the same time.

    Of course, your adventure in The Burning Crusade starts from entering the portal. Later, you can experience from the bioluminescent fungus forest of Zangarmarsh to the peaceful African futuristic plains of Nagrand. The original Outland will be part of your favorite World of Warcraft game, and you can now experience it again through Classic.

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