Will the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons really be expa

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons players believe that its game content is more scarce than the early game content of the Animal Crossing series. Many players believe that New Horizons has no major gameplay changes, just removing furniture items from previous games, or introducing newer standard holiday activities, which makes them feel that the content of this game is very empty. However, recently some data miners have speculated that Animal Crossing's island may be fully Buy Animal Crossing Bells expanded because they discovered that the southern coast of the player island is increasing in size.

    New Horizons' emphasis on handcraftsmanship and DIY collections makes it very different from the other works in the series, but not always so good. Some players have discovered that New Horizons’ craftsmanship will continue to grow over time, and the game’s emphasis on freedom and personalization has led to the evacuation of shops such as hair salons. And the building upgrades and town development are not as big as previous competitions, because the museum cafes are all lost.

    Within one year after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, its single-player gameplay has not changed. Interaction with villagers is limited, and players who have received five-star ratings find it difficult to further customize their islands. However, this situation may change soon, because New Horizons data mining reveals that the camera's limit to move south on the mysterious island and the player island may increase.

    Although the official did not give any explanation for this discovery, and the Animal Crossing Bells change may only be a test by Nintendo, the expansion of the camera limit seems to herald the expansion of the island. And this extension is likely to come soon, because the code changes already exist in the game files.

    Although simple island expansion does not seem to be a huge change, a larger area can provide players with more ways to enjoy animal crossing. The geographic expansion will increase the qualifications required to obtain a five-star rating, give players more work to do, and present them with new design challenges. Moreover, the space may not be a conventional empty construction site, and there may be new buildings, such as cafes or other shops. If Nintendo can really add these elements to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it will not only meet the needs of players for major content updates in the game, but also bring players a new experience to extend the life of the game.