A game similar to Animal Crossing will be released in June

  • On the upcoming June 2nd, a Animal Crossing Bells game that mimics Animal Crossing will be released. Players will be able to directly experience rural life similar to Animal Crossing on the PC without buying a Nintendo console. This new game called Hokko Life will take you into a new town of Hokko, where you will be able to start a new life. In this game, you can meet many talking animal friends, you can also catch bugs and fish, and you can also engage in interior design and live a happy, beautiful and peaceful life.

    Hokko Life is a game that imitates Animal Crossing. It is as cute as Animal Crossing. Players can make friends with talking animals and get information about Hokko town from them, just like in the Animal Crossing game. Hokko Life also has seasonal changes, gardening and decoration features, where players can experience a peaceful life.

    However, in some respects, it is more detailed than Nintendo’s charming life simulation game. For example, Hokko Life's production system allows you to edit and hand-design furniture, and then place your work wherever you want, and (critically) at any angle. It may not sound like a big deal, but when you are trying to decorate your perfect town, it is best not to limit yourself to perfect right angles all the time. Although the game does not seem to have any form of multiplayer games yet, you will be able to share your craft design with other players.

    As can be seen from the latest trailer, it seems that your furry villagers have almost no pursuit of you here and there. Some Nook Miles Ticket players have always liked the things in these cute Sims because they can only go fishing when they are bored (of course, don't knock, because it can have the best mini-games).

    Hokko Life is developed by Wonderscope Games, which is a single-player team led by Robert Tatnell and published by Team17. Tatnell plans to let Hokko Life use it as soon as possible until it "is considered a complete and solid experience." When the game is fully released, it will have town activities, more clothes and items, "deeper" fishing and gardening experience, and more other content.

    For some players, this may be good news. Because the Hokko Life game may stimulate the creativity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players will be able to experience a richer family life. If you are interested in a PC version of a game similar to Animal Crossing, you can play this game first on June 2nd.