Will WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic be released on June 1 thi

  • At the BlizzConline earlier this year, there was news that Blizzard confirmed that World of Warcraft Classic will add The Burning Crusade game content. According to this information leak, many WOW Classic players look forward to Blizzard's release of official documents confirming the authenticity of this news. Although Blizzard has not released real official documents to announce whether it will add The Burning Crusade to World of Warcraft Classic, but with all the World of Warcraft Classic Gold contents of World of Warcraft being launched, players speculate that Blizzard will add The Burning Crusade to World of Warcraft Classic Is the next logical step.

    On the World of Warcraft Classic sub-category, users shared screenshots of the The Burning Crusade Classic ad, which indicated that The Burning Crusade Classic will be released on June 1, which is only a few weeks away from the release date. However, whether this is the true release date of The Burning Crusade Classic is currently disputed among World of Warcraft Classic players. Some players pointed out that Blizzard did not have enough time to pre-release The Burning Crusade on June 1. As early as a few weeks ago, when the expansion itself had not yet started, the pre-release had already been broadcast live in Vanilla World of Warcraft.

    Some players speculate that the June 1 release date may be just a date placeholder, and the pre-patch will not be released to the WoW Classic server on this day. Some players speculated that this date was the release date set by Blizzard at the WOW Classic Gold beginning, when Blizzard released the ad in the Battle Launcher in real time and did not make any changes since then. But in fact, Blizzard may not release The Burning Crusade on June 1.

    Therefore, there is still a lot of controversy regarding this leaked information, but regardless of the result, one thing is certain is that The Burning Crusade is coming soon. If it is not released on June 1 this year, it will also be in the near future. Players can stay tuned.