Animal Crossing: New Horizons update may add new islands

  • If you like an open and creative game, then Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be very suitable for you. You can advance at your own pace in New Horizons, and you can build and decorate your own islands according to your preferences and ideas. Also, you don't need to compete with anyone, you can live your own independent life. In the Animal Crossing game, you can enhance the overall appearance of your island, you can also enhance the inner beauty of the house, and even the two can be performed at the same time.

    And, Nintendo is about to Buy Animal Crossing Bells release the 1.10 update of New Horizons, which will bring you some new seasonal events and some old events and more. Some data miners leaked upcoming content, such as fence customization and museum upgrades. Nintendo will add two new museum upgrades in the upcoming update. The two upcoming upgrades appear to be two separate buildings. It is very likely that museum shops and museum cafes will be added.

    With the upcoming changes to the museum, Celeste may also join the museum store. You will be able to buy gold tools from the store at a more reasonable price. The developer may bring the new building to the game as a museum cafe, where you can enjoy it. As we all know, a cafe without Brewster would be incomplete. Therefore, Brewster may also return to ACNH. In addition to this, you will also see some form of island expansion or beach upgrades, where you may be able to swim or dive into the sea.

    If you have run out of space to decorate your island, adding a new island in the 1.10 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be a good supplement for you. In this new island, you can also decorate ACNH Items it with special items from the recently added 1.10 exclusive event. However, this content is not yet certain whether Nintendo will introduce it in the next patch, and it is only a guess of players.