Players want the return of Morning Aerobics and Minigames in An

  • Although the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is very popular among players, players who have played the Animal Crossing series of games for a long time hope that Nintendo can add Shop Upgrades, Morning Aerobics, Minigames and other functions to New Horizons.

    Shop Upgrades
    In the previous Animal Crossing game, players could unlock each subsequent level by spending a certain number of bells in the shop, which was run by Tom Nook or his nephew.
    Players can upgrade by unlocking each subsequent level. In past Animal Crossing Items games, this store can help players transform from a shabby hut into a luxurious multi-storey department store.
    Although New Horizons also has the ability to upgrade stores, it can only be used in one store. This makes it impossible for players of previous Animal Crossing games to use Nookington's or the past T&T mall. The main content of the early Animal Crossing game development was store upgrades, so players wondered why Nintendo did not continue to use this feature in New Horizons.

    Morning Aerobics
    In the past, players could participate in morning aerobic exercise in the early morning of early summer, and then start a new day in Animal Crossing during exercise. In the morning aerobic exercise, players can listen to the radio with many villagers, and at the same time, they can use C-sticks for basic exercises with animal friends.
    Although the game rewards for players for this activity are very small, perhaps the mayor’s radio is the only reason for players to participate in each lesson, but players can wake up in the morning to do activities that they don’t usually do. The game becomes more active.

    Players of New Leaf Band can spend a good time traveling on the island, which may be a good memory they have. The original Animal Crossing players will definitely remember to scrub Gracie's car frantically in order to have a ACNH Items chance to win some kind of rare clothes. Although these side events are simple for players, they break the usual activities that players can establish after playing the Animal Crossing game for hours.
    In New Horizons, players can complete certain challenges by looking for a few items on the island that need to be collected for rewards, thereby obtaining some corresponding rewards. New Horizons calls on NPCs to perform certain activities to challenge players, which is essentially the same as Minigames in the original Animal Crossing. The game integrates these diversified activities into new challenges, which will attract and stimulate tourists who randomly come to the island.