Rover brings huge May Day event prizes to Animal Crossing: New

  • Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons hosts many large-scale seasonal events every year, May Day was introduced by Animal Crossing for the first time in 2020, and this year is only the second year of May Day events. During the event, players can celebrate with familiar faces in the New Horizons series. The annual May Day holiday takes place in the first week of May. During the holiday, each character of the player can only complete one Animal Crossing May Day activity, and players can get Animal Crossing Bells rewards by completing the activity tasks.

    In the May Day event, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can participate in a special tour by using a unique "Mayday" ticket at the island’s airport. As players are visiting the island, all their inventory items will be temporarily stored elsewhere. Therefore, if players want to cross the hedge maze, they must use the resources on the island to gradually make the necessary tools to help them cross the maze.

    In the event on May 5, 2020, players can find the Blue Cat Wanderer at the end of the hedge maze. Players can get some Bell coupons and a unique furniture item: Rover's briefcase by talking to him. In this year's New Horizons May Day event, Rover may appear in the game again. Some players even wonder: whether they can invite Rover to move to their island.

    In this year's May Day event, Rover also brought a new reward item: Rover's Photo. If players have completed the Animal Crossing's May Day 2020 event last year, they can also get an additional Rover's Photo as a reward this year. However, if the player did not complete the May Day event last year, they would only receive Rover's briefcase furniture items. Like last year, players can receive bonuses the day after the hedge maze is completed.

    Players can talk to Rover again when they find Rover at the end of the hedge maze, but he only provides players with this year’s bonus and will not be required to move to the player’s Animal Crossing island. Because of Rover's reputation for frequent business trips in the franchise, he cannot be convinced to settle down yet. So it is not yet certain whether he will appear in another Animal Crossing Items game or become a future villager of the surprising Animal Crossing.

    The May Day event in 2021 will last until May 7. Rover has not yet appeared on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but players can scan his amiibo to purchase his posters. Currently players cannot invite roamers to their campsite. Once they try to invite, they will be told that roamers are busy on another remote island. During the foreseeable future, Rover may appear exclusively in the event to maintain his special role. If players missed the May Day event this year, they must wait until next year to participate in the May Day event, because this event is only held once a year.