Unlock the 2021 May Day Maze of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • From April 29th to May 7th, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will host a special travel "May Day" event. This event is the only special trip to another island organized by Tom Nook.

    If the player wants to traverse this maze, there is no need to call the rescue service, and the traversal can be completed directly through the guide provided by the game. Here is a brief introduction to the ways players can get all Bell coupons and traverse the maze of Rozer.

    First, the player needs to Buy Animal Crossing Bells go to the airport and talk to Orville who works in the airport. He will tell the player that Tom Nook left a May Day ticket at the airport with the player's name written on it. After the player gets the ticket, he can visit the island on May 1st.

    Second, if the player wants to participate in the Labor Day event, then you need to select "I want to fly!" when Orville asks you what to do next. Next, the player needs to select "Use May Day Labor Day Tickets".

    Finally, Orville will prompt the player, he will help you keep your inventory items, because you need to complete the maze empty-handed. But the player is not worried, because after you return from the maze, Orville will return all your items to you. After reading Orville's prompt content, the player can select "Take-off time!" to complete the ACNH Items flight.