The upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is worth look

  • As can be seen from Nintendo’s latest blog post, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be updated on April 28, 2021. Looking back at previous holidays and events, such as the wedding season with Rees and Cyrus in June, May's May Day and International Museum Day, players will all be rewarded on this day. This update of Animal Crossing may be a "new turning point" for players who have experienced these events last year.

    To celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day worldwide, the ACNH Items cheese rolling game in the UK and Children's Day in Japan, Nintendo announced new seasonal products. As before, players can get these items in the Nook Shopping App.

    On June 26th, July 24th, August 28th and September 25th, Flick's seasonal Bug-Off event will return soon. At the same time, on July 10th, CJ will also shine on the islands with Fishing Tourney. On this day, players get more points and can invite friends to fish more creatures.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been loved by players since it was launched. Some players once believed that it was one of the best games on Nintendo Switch. Of course, this is inseparable from constant updates, the impact of new Animal Crossing Items and recombination events on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.