Players have mixed opinions on the increasing content of Path o

  • Although Grinding Gear Games has been optimizing Path of Exile, as the content of the game continues to enrich, many players have polarized opinions. Some players think it enhances the playability of the game and makes all kinds of things more interesting. Some players think that GGG always adds past leagues to the core game, causing the game itself to become too bloated. Regardless, players’ demand for POE Currency Buy is always on the rise.

    Players who desire to play Path of Exile may want to pay attention to whether they have read enough game guides and purchased enough POE Currency. Because that will affect their development after entering the game. Since the core games have become very extensive now, which has also brought a lot of different opinions to players. For example, last year’s Delirium league and Harvest league brought players a pleasant experience of fighting and making POE Currency. But the reputation of the Heist League is not very good. Because of the release of Cyberpunk 2077, players have been playing it for too long and are tired of it.

    Ritual league is a perfect example of a good league mechanism, with a series of amazing changes to the game itself. Seriously, Atlas Passive is something I don’t know I need, but now it offers a lot to play the way they want to play and incentives to continue pushing POE Currency. Overall, it’s a great league and the league I’ve played the most since Harvest.

    The Ultimatum league is still in progress. We don’t yet know if GGG will add it to the core game. On the 24th of this month, the game team will officially release detailed information about the Path of Exile 3.15 extension. Players can pay more attention to that aspect or prepare in advance, such as buy more POE Currency. Hold your mind!