These two 95 OVR Madden 21 quarterbacks are often sought after

  • The two quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, are well-known in both the NFL and Madden 21. At the same time, their prices in the Madden 21 auction house are also very high, which also discouraged many of their poor fans because they did not have enough Madden 21 Coins to pay. Although Aaron Rodgers’ status in the Green Bay Packers is still problematic, his status as Madden 21’s top quarterback is unquestionable. Like Brady, his rating has been as low as 89 since the start of the game, and his rating has improved as the season progressed.

    Although he did not classify as a sporty quarterback, Rogers can maintain his MUT Coins in these categories and will not be too far behind other quarterbacks in this category. In throwing categories such as throwing power and pressure throwing, he ranks second behind the outliers and alien Mahomes, even surpassing him with a 95 deep shooting percentage. Outside of Mahomes, we can easily consider the defending NFL MVP the best all-around quarterback.

    Wilson can easily become the best all-around quarterback in football and another candidate for Madden 21 besides Mahomes. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is the most athletic options in this position, scoring chief points in terms of speed, acceleration, and agility. Russ is also very good at throwing, reaching the 90s to throw power, throwing under pressure, accuracy in all ranges, game movements and running throws. With his athletic ability and throwing ability, choosing to let Russ cook is the way to succeed in Madden. But despite his athletic ability, a quarterback will be more energetic when running.

    The ratings of these two are only lower than Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, and the price is also lower. If players still lack some Cheap Madden 21 Coins, they can seek help from GameMS to buy some Cheap and MUT 21 Coins or wait until After EA releases Madden 22, buy them again, it may be cheaper than now.