Complicated Path of Exile content requires players to deepen th

  • The boss shows up randomly as the tenth round of Ultimatums, which can only happen once one gets to red maps. Typically, by this point in the league, players are already familiar with the red map. But it has neutered mapping to the point. Additionally, even people with hundreds of hours in this league are claiming they haven’t fought the Trialmaster once, because of terrible RNG. Players can’t also validate those claims. From what they’ve seen though, the boss fight is more or less standard stuff, and a slew of mechanics that are completely unfair to the player and barely visible, continuing the trend of Path of Exile being the least POE Currency in the modern era.

    Betrayal league saw changes to how veiled items work, and it’s pretty great. The veiled mods are now better than the ones unlocked at the crafting bench, so it can actually be worth it to add veiled mods that fit with an items pre-rolled mods. There’s also changes to how the Syndicate board works or something, but that part has not changed in this patch. Labs are now way more accessible. First, everyone can get a random trial for Uber Lab by putting an Offering into the map device. This prevents the awful RNG-fest that came with just getting to Uber Lab on an account. They can now choose the enchant at the end from a small selection, allowing for way better opportunities for great, skill-specific gear. Too bad running lab is still one of the worst things to do in Path of Exile.

    Talismans have been rendered useless again because GGG doesn’t know what is good and what is not. It’s nice to have free, targeted Chaos Throws, but the number of skills from a Harvest encounter is incredibly low, and the high-level Seed Vehicle encounter is insanely rare. Also, it’s still best to sell these crafts through an unofficial Discord channel to people participating in a very scam-friendly system. Of course, performance and accessibility are still at all-time lows. Streaming textures can feel awful at times, and GGG hasn’t taken specific steps to reduce the number of clicks and movements of the wrist and improve health.

    And if players want to make their journey easier, they can Buy POE Currency to strengthen their strength and quickly kill those monsters to get rich loot. With the continuous enrichment of Path of Exile, the difficulty of the game for novice players has also increased. They should be so.