Some factors badly made the release of Path of Exile Ultimatum

  • Many players who have gone through using Path of Exile Ultimatum after logging in for the first time said that the experience is terrible. All server functions are out of order. Nearly half of the players are stuck in the login queue and cannot enjoy the new content and gameplay in time. But GGG allows streaming media to bypass the login queue, which intensifies players’ dissatisfaction with the game team. The Chaos Orb prepared by the players for this purpose could not take effect in a timely manner.

    Some players stated they must reach level 13 four times before finally giving up on this day. The Path of Exile Twitter account also acknowledged these problems, but did not provide any comfort to those who wish to solve this problem, and even updated it late at night, just mentioning that they have no additional information. In the end, the developer issued an official announcement, introducing all the content to users. Although they avoid being too technical, they explain well the behind-the-scenes behavior that causes many problems. So far, the servers seem to run well, and the only factual information they mention is to make other developers pay attention to the size of the database POE Currency.

    It explained in the announcement that the developers put two hours of paid ads on some streamers, so in order to avoid wasting money and make these streamers show only a decreasing number of people in line, Grinding Gear Games gave priority to these streamers. They also gift it to other ribbons that are not part of the marketing campaign. This caused community members to be angry with the streamers, which is a stupid thing. Some streamers really dig themselves into a hole.

    They apologized for this problem and admitted that it was a mistake in their posting, and at the same time vowed not to do it again. As far as the players are concerned, they very satisfied because the streamers provide an innovative service. Players can also buy more POE Currency to start their Ultimatum journey smoothly. It’s done.