Madden 22’s cover star candidate information seems to have reve

  • Although EA has not publicly shown the trailer for Madden 22, players basically know when and what content EA will release according to the usual rules. When EA gets investment and financial support, Madden 22’s message may appear. Many players this year have become smart. Not only did they earn a lot of MUT 21 Coins in Madden 21, but they are also working hard to prepare enough Madden 21 Coins, which can describe as a foresighted approach.

    If EA did not release the Madden 22 trailer according to players’ speculations, then it may appear on the EA Play or similar E3 adjacent showcase later this summer. Over the years, for Madden, the marketing window has shrunk. This may be because the game is essentially self-selling, and EA hopes to encourage players to spend Madden Coins in the game on Madden 21 for as long as possible, so if it released still exists to shut until eight to nine weeks after launch.

    The first thing players know about each generation of Madden is the choice of cover star. So it’s no wonder we would guess when EA has said little about it. However, it seems credible rumors did point to a special player who nominated as the cover character of this year’s Madden 22. According to a photo leaked by GameStop in Pennsylvania, a customer saw a booking infographic booked for GameStop employees. The information showed that this year’s cover character will be the most recent 2,000-yard sprinter of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry.

    Every player may not like the cover character, but he has to admit that his strength is beyond doubt. If players are willing to Buy Madden Coins at GameMS to get him, they can use him as the core of the team and build a unique ultimate team or themed team around him. But let’s wait until EA officially releases Madden 22. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.