Psyonix is introducing a new type of "Golden Painted" gadgets

  • Where cosmetics are concerned, Psyonix is introducing a new type of "Golden Painted" gadgets. These cosmetics are approximately as flashy as the new season gets due to the fact they cover your vehicles in gold, however they're not going to Rocket League Prices be to be had for each person. They're most effective in the Pro Tiers of this season's Rocket Pass, and while you could start earning them at degree 70, Psyonix advised gamers that they will need to pass as high as level one hundred fifty to get Golden Items.

    Psyonix brought that gamers may be able to hone their skills even further this season with new Custom Training Packs, but we might not listen more approximately the ones till next week. As continually, ranked rewards will be Rocket League Item Prices given out on the quit of the season primarily based on how high gamers climb, even though we're going to must wait to listen extra about those, too.