Rocket League's incoming patch will address an problem

  • Rocket League's incoming patch will address an problem with RL Items a new area that resulted in a single participant having a seizure.

    Rocket League went unfastened to play final year and welcomed an entire new institution of gamers through doing so. It began sparkling from season one and is presently midway through season two. A variety of recent arenas had been delivered to the sport for the duration of the first seasons, the modern day of that's Neon Fields. Not something you would anticipate to be a topic of controversy, however it became.

    That's due to the fact the brightly colored new area resulted in a single Rocket League player suffering a seizure. The participant in question took to Reddit after the incident, creating an account with the username r/psyonixistrynakillme to Cheap Rocket League Items get their point accross. That changed into deemed necessary once they claimed Psyonix had no longer clearly addressed the problem after being made privy to it.