Psyonix recently introduced two famous vehicles to Rocket Leagu

  • Psyonix recently introduced two famous vehicles to Rocket League, however this week will see the addition of an entire fleet. On M
    Rocket League brought the Huracan and F-a hundred and fifty to  Rocket League Prices its growing roster over the last few months, and the new decals and automobiles covered inside the NASCAR Fan Pack should be another extraordinary addition. Psyonix has been maintaining a wide type of move-overs all through the early months of 2021, and even saw an X-Games collaboration at the tail give up of 2020.

    Despite launching in 2015, Rocket League continues to see an impressive number of players – thanks to a newly unfastened-to-play model. The game additionally recently kicked off a brand new Rocket Pass, giving you a chance to earn different equipment and collectibles.

    Psyonix is teaming up with Lamborghini to add the Huracan STO to Rocket League's growing roster of  Rocket League Item Prices cars. The supercar may be available for purchase among April 21 and April 27.