The first RLCS X split kicks off on August 1

  • The first RLCS X split kicks off on August 1. You can discover greater facts, which  Rocket League Prices include details on a way to sign up to the open qualifiers, here.

    Whiffing kick-offs, scoring own goals, and going AFK are all actions you’d usually associate with toxic teammates in trendy competitive Rocket League. But after an intensive research, Psyonix has banned professional esports players for a year when they flouted the regulations, and threw a healthy in opposition to an opponent inside the LPL Pro Rocket League Oceanic Championship.

    In a ruling published today, Psyonix has Rocket League Item Prices located Aiden ‘delusioN’ Hendry and Finlay ‘Frenzyy’ Rockach responsible of “intentionally compromising competitive integrity” after the pair allegedly deliberately misplaced a sport towards Team Fury. Team Esper’s 1/3 participant, Steve ‘SSteve’ Perrospi has been cleared of any wrongdoing.