Splash is a technique used by many RuneScape players

  • This is a unique book since it doesn't include the combat abilities. It's within your reach once OSRS GP you've reached 60% favorability to Arceuus house. There are 22 spells that can be used to reanimate ensouled heads used to train Prayer levels. Have you ever wondered why do people fight rats in the castle in Lumbridge like it's an arena? An answer: it's not a pest control crew as well as construction personnel. And not bugged NPC. Most likely , you've encountered splashers.

    The basic concept behind it is that if you lower your magic bonus Strength enough your magic attack has the chance of doing little damage and fade away with no impact at all. It gives you the chance to continually attack your target without killing it, granting you experience per cast.

    Splash is a technique used by many RuneScape players to boost their Magic without a hitch, since it's as exciting as cutting a Yew Log. It is not necessary to pay much attention to the screen because rats that roam around Lumbridge castle won't cause damage. The only thing you need to do is tap something on screen or move your camera once every 20 minutes so that the game doesn't leave you inactive.

    What is the best way to begin splash training? You will need to change your gear setup and remove all bonuses that are magic, like your Magic Strength in order to have a negative magic score. To do so you need to have one of two sets of equipment as shown below. You'll need to gear up a full plate set , including a shield kite and Green dragonhide vambraces (-10 Magic) or Cursed Goblin Staff.

    Upgrading your Ranged to the level of 40 while also equipping vambraces will give players the chance to equip one of the essential staves. This helps save runes but if you don't want to improve your Ranged and you can afford investing more money, the Cursed Goblin Staff will be enough. The table below shows the different levels of exp required to cheap OSRS gold increase your level.