RuneScape - We'll list the highest-level requirements

  • The third version gives the possibility of OSRS gold three or five. Both caskets, elite and hard contain between four and six rewards. The master casket has from five to seven. Each of the prizes is picked out individually from the table so you can receive the exact item several times in one casket. Once you have completed each step, you'll be given an empty casket that is randomly chosen from a pool that is dependent on the difficulty of your scroll.

    Below, we'll list the highest-level requirements that might be required to complete a Treasure Trail. Keep in mind that you could only be able to complete tasks that do not require any levels of skill and, therefore, in some cases this requirement is not necessary. But, if you're looking to mine Clue Scrolls for money or other benefits, you will have to fulfill the prerequisites eventually.

    In addition to all the skill demands, tasks that are medium difficulty up to requirements for quests. Completing quests is not always needed, as simply starting them may give the player access to areas that you have to access.

    As you can see, the harder Treasure Trail is, the higher the reward you can expect to receive. The only disadvantage is that you'll have to go through more steps prior to getting your reward if you finish higher tier scrolls, as in contrast to the less difficult ones.

    It's also important to note that clues of medium difficulty have a higher gold reward ratio than hard ones mostly because when you complete a medium level, you could earn Ranger boots, which are valued at over 30 millions GP. The only difference is that you should always try to complete the toughest clue is possible - just make sure that you complete all requirements for skill and buy old school runescape gold quest It's not much more frustrating than receiving a clue that you cannot get through just before getting a casket reward.