RuneScape - It is impossible to not admire them

  • Everyone is aware that RuneScape gold the clan structure is the main element of Prifddinas society as well as Elven society. 8 distinct and distinctive clans, each with its own distinct area in the city. Which clan do you prefer? Let's not forget clan leader. It is possible to like a leader, but not be interested in their clan.

    I have always been a fan of the Iorwerth. I think this is because I was taught that the Dark Lord was Zamorak before the release the final quests of the Elven questline. I don't have the evidence however I believe that certain NPCs had mentioned the Iorwerth at one time as Zamorakians who rebelled against crystal goddess-led Elven society. I feel for Lord Iorwerth's Elfs because of this.

    After the end of civil conflict, the clan has a new leader, and is trying to integrate back into elven society. It is impossible to not admire them, particularly since they are essentially a bellic clan. This suits me extremely well. They also have a wonderful clan crest.

    Clan Cadarn (the second major civil war clan) is also one of my favorites. Mostly because they're a bellic clan, and they're exactly the opposite of Iorwerth. They're more focused on magic and stealth than the brute force of the Iorwerth. This clan focuses on my two most favorite talents, which is always a plus. But I'm not sure I love the crest.

    As for clan leaders I'm a fan of Lady Hefin Lord Amlodd and Lady Meilyr. I like the overall look of Lady Meilyr, she appears to be a hippy elf. You will notice her size when you meet her. She is also one the most valuable elf leaders, with all of the Herblore (especially the ones that were purchased at 10Mish and cannot wait to use them), and buy old school runescape gold Dungeoneering stuff.