EA confirm Carniball will be scheduled to be a part of FIFA 21

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    What If upgrade favourites you must purchase.These three cards look set for a big boost.The What If promo has arrived in Ultimate Team.There are 13 new , dynamic cards total, including SBC's and Objectives players but if you're stuck with what to choose We're here to help.These three guys will almost certainly receive an What If upgrade within the next five games.

    Kante is one of the top defensive midfielders in FIFA for quite a while now, and this What If card is comfortably his top of FIFA 21.The Chelsea man begins the promotion with an OVR of 91, however, should Chelsea have six goals scored in their next five home games, the Frenchman could turn into a huge 93-rated CDM.Chelsea has been enjoying a great run since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel last month and while they face difficult fixtures against Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton over the next three games, things get more straightforward from there.

    EA confirm Carniball will be scheduled to be a part of FIFA 21.The legendary FIFA party promo is on its way to FUT.It's officially confirmed that Carniball will be going to FIFA 21.FIFA has confirmed that the colourful event will be coming to FIFA Mobile on the horizon, but what does that mean for the console version of the football simulator?

    Carniball's back. It's the announcement everybody has been waiting for. FIFA Mobile is the sole official source for this promotion. What does this mean about the possibility of buy FIFA 22 Coins this promotion being accessible on Xbox as well as PlayStation?