Rsgoldfast - When an attacker is low on hitpoints

  • The Setup: I ripped this component straight from Castle Wars and RuneScape gold Barbarian Assault, not going to lie. Same bases as castle wars, rather than a flag you've got the center stone. No more secure zone, no health packs. You respawn in the center rock. Tunnels would stay in, but are more complex and might have places where agility would need to be used. Traps can be put in castles and tunnels. You would see building areas like in building.

    I visit the tunnels being much more complicated the castle wars however, and with no rockslides, (I hate those noobs). The heart rock is found in the middle of the foundation and has 250 hitpoints. It's suggested that they deliver both scope and melee weapons as the heart stone has the ability to use protection prayers.

    Although their main objective is to kill the center stone, they are also able to attack the defenders that are trying to stop them. Each shield kill fixes your heart stone 20 hitpoints. Defenders are liable to use barricades and traps to slow down, poison, or kill attackers before they could even reach the heart stone. Traps could be walked over carefully for those experienced in the abilities of thieving or agility.

    Requirements to pass each snare without damage as follows: Trip line- 25 thieving to disable, 23 Ability to leap over. Flooring spikes- 37 Indices to disable, 37 Ability to leap over. Stress pad- 45 thieving to disable, 47 agility to jump over. Barricades could be hurtled using agility, pushed with strength, or destroyed using any practical weapon you have. Barricade line (2)- 50 power, endurance, or simply take 90 hitpoints off. Barricade lineup (3)- 70 power, agility, or take 120 hitpoints off.

    When an attacker is low on hitpoints, he has five tabs that can teleport him back into the base, where it's somewhat safer. Even though the attacker cannot heal himself, he could be healed by the group's healer. He cannot use protection prayers. This can be done by freezing the attackers until they get to the rock, setting traps and barricades to slow them down, or by just killing them. Flooring spikes- 45 hunter and 30 construction, necessitates 15 iron claws, 1 plank and cheap RS gold a hammer (not consumed).