Rsgoldfast - This is not enough to hold a significant chat

  • The way the points are given: For retrieving any of runescape 2007 gold those God Manuscript (Saradomin or Zamorak), 1000 points. For murdering an individual it depends upon his/her combat level (for example murdering a level 75 will give you 750 points and killing a level 138 will give 1380 points). After having both the Manuscripts in their possession a team may wish to remain in the stadium and fight more people for additional points. But the more straightforward thing to do would be visit the Watchtower.

    This is not enough to hold a significant chat. I am now a General in the Clan Chat I combine and I always hear the leader say he can not create any new friends because of all the ranked members he's. Why not have separate lists to add your ranked members to your chat and have lots of buddies? Same goes for the Ignore list.

    Moderation Logs: Chat Owner Moderation Logs: This is part of the'clan set-up' would show users by whom, and for what reason. The chat proprietor could then see who has been kicking rather and who hasn't. The chat owner could remove the kick and, thus, un-suspending the user in question. Maybe a user could have inadvertently kicked-out an innocent participant.

    Personal Moderation Logs: There could be a separate button on a user's interface whenever they have the ability to kick if empowered by the Clan Chat Owner. They can un-block or merely keep track of consumers kicked.

    Right-click-chat-kick: Occasionally, users have something pre-typed and then join a chat, press enter then leave straight away, too fast to kick from the clan list. But should you right-click on the chat box message, then you'd have the option to block 1-hour. Conclusion: The clan chat system is sufficient but with these updates and cheap RuneScape gold others' ideas as well, the clan chat system would be way more sophisticated.