Rsgoldfast - If a PKer follows you it will not be pretty

  • If a PKer follows you it will not be pretty. Pures can still nail you bad however. The Looters Guild is a NPC-only guild of RuneScape gold people who go on to Swordcross and choose the things of individuals who die on the staircase. They sell these things in their store on Hilt, to get a cost more or less same as the Market price. Players have the ability to buy Guild aisles using kill points so as to buy their loot to get 10% off. Each discounted purchase additionally uses up one coupon. Players can ask to join, but will probably be reversed, however large their thieving level will be.

    This exploration is launched by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come and speak to him in Dorgesh-Kaan. Create your way to Dorgesh-Kaan and Speak to Oldak. Hi Oldak, you sent for me? I've been looking for one for monthsI tell you! Adventurers..bah! You wonder so much. . .never mind, never mind... onto why I sent for you. For the past few weeks my drams are tormented by Zanik calling me out. I think, she is in trouble!

    I sort of figured that when she disappeared into the Sarcophagus in Yu'biusk. You must assist her ____, your only hope. Option 1...I'll do anything to help zanik Oldak, option 2 I'm too busy now... Option one reply: Good, good, I knew you would say that! But how are you going to reach Yu'biusk? I cannor open the portal again for you. I've recently had to utilize simular rings to help a fairy queen, ther should be a way to get there through those rings. Fairies? They Exsist?

    Oldak provides you a tele-orb. The mighty adventure makes his/her method to the nearest fairy ring and dials up Yu'Biusk. After in Yu'Biusk the experience makes his/her way into the sarcophagus, and trys to open it. This triggers a cut scean in which we see a ghostly form of Zanik reaching out and calling that your character's name, you reach out to Zanik, however your hand passes right through her and she mumbles something about ancient magick of the fairies until she awakens.

    The mighty experience then makes his/her way into Zanaris and talks to the Fairy Queen. Yes, thanks to you adventurer what can I do for you? Well (you inform Zanik's story) and that is the reason why I came to you. Interesting story adventurer but what can I do to help? Well I was wondering if you know of any historical spells which could help? Hmmm...I think maybe there's. I vagely recall an old story my mom told me about cheap RS gold a charm that could release anybody trapped.