The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Rattan Lounge Furniture

  • Rattan furniture is made from rattan vines which are woven together to create Rattan Lounge Set , which is commonly used in the summer months. Rattan can be either natural or synthetic. If you want to buy rattan furniture for your home, you should konw the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture.

    Pros of Rattan Furniture


    You’d be surprised how resistant to daily abuses rattan is! Although rattan is lightweight and made with natural fibers, the furniture is very resilient to everyday use. In fact, furniture made with rattan can last much longer than furniture made from wood or contemporary pieces covered in leather or fabric.

    Rattan Is Stylish

    Rattan furniture is so popular mostly because of how it looks. The classic woven rattan texture is instantly recognisable, highly sophisticated and guaranteed to look on-trend for years to come. Perfectly blending country chic and modern minimalism, the design effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any garden or outdoor space. Many rattan furniture sets come with cushions for comfort, which leaves room for customisation if you want to play around with different colour fabrics. Rattan furniture comes in different colours from greys, to browns, and blacks so you can find a furniture set that matches the rest of your garden decor.

    Rattan Is Strong

    Rattan is known for being strong and durable, but the quality of the synthetic version will depend on what kind of materials were used and where you bought it. Cheaper synthetic rattan will be weaker than rattan from a brand that invests in quality.

    Flexible and Strong

    A great advantage of rattan is the flexibility of the material, which allows for it to be woven and shaped around frames of varying shapes and sizes. It creates a very strong weave that does not easily tear or unravel, especially when properly treated and coated. However, many are still wary of choosing rattan pieces because of the risk of quick deterioration.

    Instead, for their peace of mind, business owners choose to use outdoor commercial furniture made of moulded resin and glass fibre that are designed to look like rattan. From classic and homey to modern and sleek, these rattan-like chairs and table bases add the same look and feel to your garden or patio as the traditional wood weave.

    Compact Rattan Furniture

    If you’re looking for rattan garden furniture for a smaller garden, or simply like to keep your furniture neat and tidy, our cube sets and dining sets compact down to the size of the garden table alone! Each chair comes with an accompanying footstool which can be used as an additional chair. These footstools slot underneath the chairs, which can be stored underneath the table if you don’t want the furniture to be set-up for use all year round.

    Crons of Rattan Furniture

    At the time of purchase, you need to check whether it is properly weaved or not because one loose weave can ruin the entire furniture with the passage of time.

    Cane & Wicker furniture is not comfortable when compared to other outdoor furniture products but you can use cushions on it in order to get comfortable seating.

    In case The product is manufactured from original material than you are required to pay a huge amount for it.

    Overall, rattan garden furniture has many benefits, making it a top furnishing choice for any space both indoors and outdoors. Not only is rattan tough and lightweight but it's also stylish and blends into practically any environment. Plus, you can decorate your rattan furniture with cushions if you're looking to increase both style and comfort. If you're looking for Garden Lounge Set that will impress your friends and beautify your home, check out rattan furniture manufacturer