The latest news on Call of Duty and Witcher 3

  • Call of Duty and Witcher 3 have always been the hottest games on Steam. Witcher's second season is about to start shooting, and Black Ops' new crossbow will also officially arrive. These two games have always been the choices of buying Steam Level Up players. On the one hand, the game is fun, on the other hand, the items and badges of the game are what they like.

    Netflix's "Witcher" series may hint at new characters in the game

    Among those familiar characters, we have now Dijkstra, the pinnacle of Redanian Intelligence (the in-universe organization, not the fansite that's brought us numerous early reports of casting decisions honestly). He's played a considerable role inside games and is portrayed within the show by Graham McTavish.

    The Nenneke: briefly mentioned in Witcher 3, a priestess of Melitele who'll be played by Adjoa Andoh. We'll see Chris Fulton as Rience, a serious antagonist over the book series. There's Cassie Clare as Philippa Eilhart, a casting decision that already broke out recently.

    Cold War's new crossbow players are ready to buy

    You have two methods for getting your hands on the crossbow. You can buy it outright included in the Archaic Range bundle, which could become for sale in the store on March 24. Alternatively, you can generate it by completing an in-game challenge: employing a weapon without any attachments, get three One Shot, One Kill medals in 15 different matches. The idea looks like it's that to generate the crossbow, you'll first need to demonstrate you don't have the need for it.

    Players have, needless to say, also been able to take the Shadowhunter out for just a spin: the bundle and challenge were accidentally delivered March 18, prompting Activision to scramble to turnaround for the error. In the end, the corporation decided to allow players and keep a maximum of 14 in the required 15 matches toward the unlock, while players who purchased the bundle with COD points were issued refunds. Players who unlocked camos make use of with the crossbow got to maintain those.

    Many players who Buy Steam Level Up will want the relevant badges and items of the game. Players also hope to show off their game achievements after upgrading.