Does buying games increase the steam level?

  • The answer is yes. Players will get 1 XP for every game purchased. But you will also think this is rare! If you can buy a game, you can only increase XP a little bit. Do you also think it is unreasonable? Because the real surprise is behind. When we spend in Steam, we can get 100 Steam points for every $1 spent.

    These points can be accumulated and used to purchase Steam seasonal badges. The current winter badges can be obtained from 100xp to 2000XP badges. And unlike ordinary game badges that can only be upgraded 5 times, these badges can often be upgraded all the time. But it is very costly.

    Of course, points can also be used to purchase in-game items, and good-looking emojis, profile backgrounds, animated avatars, and other items. It is also a good choice to decorate your own profile interface.

    For ordinary players, I really want to achieve Steam Level Up. Still have to pass the synthetic badge. Collect or purchase the required cards to upgrade your badge. In addition to game badges, you can also participate in Steam community activities and get community badges. These badges are generally required to complete some tasks and tasks, and then reward badges, reward XP.

    For players willing to spend money, Buy Steam Level Up is a way to save time and cost. Especially after reaching levels 41-50, 500 XP is required for each level up. This means that you can upgrade a badge 5 times to get one level up. After reaching level 100, 1100 XP is required for each level up. One can imagine the difficulty of upgrading.

    The advanced technique of buying games to increase your level is to buy games in some store sales events to get the corresponding badges. Of course, this is only for players who have upgraded their Steam accounts. Players can purchase corresponding games according to the rules of activity at that time, and earn XP will be very rich. It is also possible to get up to tens of millions of XP. After all, level 1000 requires 10,000 XP for every level 1 upgrade.