Genshin Impact wants to use lanterns

  • Genshin Impact is back for another event and offers players some exciting rewards. As part of the latest network event "Wishing Lamp", miHoYo will give away 1 billion Primogem to Genshin Impact players. If you are a qualified participant on the event reward day, you will receive part of the 1 billion reward pool. This is the schedule of events:

        Lantern Release Times: 19th Feb 13:00- 25th Feb 23:59 (UTC+8)
        Participants Finalization: 26th Feb 0:00 – 26th Feb 19:59 (UTC+8)
        Reward Collection: 26th Feb 20:00 – 4th March 23:59 (UTC+8)

    To participate in the event, players need to Buy Genshin Impact Account register on the event webpage. For PlayStation users, this process is somewhat different. Players will receive an email in their official email with a link to access the portal. If players use third-party accounts, they need to make sure that their accounts are linked on the miHoYo account page. Scanning the QR code is very simple. If you are using an iOS device, you just need to open the "Camera" app and point to the QR code. You will receive a notification at the top that allows you to access the link.

    For Android users, it depends on the Genshin Impact Account device you have. Some devices will detect QR codes directly from the built-in camera app. For other devices, you can scan the QR code through a third-party application. A good choice is to use Google Lens. Google Lens is available in the default Android Android app. Just open the Google App and click the lens icon to open the scanner. Point to the QR code and you will have the option to open the link. Please make sure not to delete the email during the event, otherwise you will not be able to access the portal again.

    All you need to do after arriving at the portal is to click the "Release Lantern" button and you will get one of the five lanterns. There are many more tasks you can complete to increase the number of lanterns you get. On the first day, you can get up to four lanterns. Once you have all five lanterns, you will be eligible for Primogem rewards. If you cannot get enough unique lanterns on the first day, please continue to try for the next few days, as the quota will be reset every day.

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